Only Allah Knows While You Know Not

I love this quote…

Sometimes maybe we think its hard for us to do, but believe it there must be a reason of what Allah knows while we are not.

I admit that sometimes i felt that same way too..always bubbling into something which is not sure what is good for you.. Actually you have to REDHA in whatever comes to you at anytime, anywhere.. but for being REDHA is not an easy as you think… but i am looking for that. to be REDHA, IKHLAS, SABAR, jangan cepat melenting and so whatever NEGATIVE attitude.

With that, always ask for forgiveness by repenting sincerely to ALLAH the merciful and ALLAH is the forgiveness, ask to get out from any difficulties and hoping for better way…(this is also for me as a self-note)..

Thats why i love an application in my iPhone LIFTMEUP ..cause it can calm me down and get back in hands to the Greatful of ALLAH swt..

I hope for 2013, i can get change to be a great SERVANT to Allah the Merciful… Insha Allah..doakan saya ye.. Aminn.


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